Frankfurt Egelsbach

Why are there no charts available for this very busy GA airport?

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What kind of charts are you looking for?

If you believe that we are missing information that exists in the real world, please provide a link to such information published by the appropriate authorities.

I took a look at the German AIP, and there are no charts except for VFR charts, which we currently do not publish for any airport. Most of the information in said VFR chart (such as traffic patterns, altitudes etc.) can be found on the map, however!

Perhaps we will publish the VFR charts in the future, but it is not currently planned.

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Thank you Malte for the quick answer.
Living long time already abroad I wasn’t aware that they still not have any approach facility. After some research I learned that they are still fighting for an ILS or RNAV.
Unbelievable …

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That explains your question! Let’s hope they are able to get one! When they do, and the authorities include this in their documentation, Jeppesen could add it to their data!

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