Charts for MRLM?

Hey guys!

I’m a new member of this forum. Actually I’m flying the Skills Tour of the Central American IVAO Division. My next dstination is MRLM airport. Unfortunately there are no charts for this airport. Does anyone knows why Navigraph have no charts from this airport or it is my failure not finding the charts?

Thans a lot.

Michael Schnalle

Hi Michael,
according the AIP of Costa Rica - there is only visual traffic pattern available, no other charts available - therefore also no charts in our app.


Hi Richard,

thanks for your fast return.

Do I understand correctly that there are no current charts for this airport, except for the visual approach? If that is actually the case, then I would have to use a VOR chart for runway 32 from 2011.


Yep Michael, correct - therefore, I have looked directly in the AIP but you see in all position the NIL … so no charts available any longer, it seems.


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