FMS Data Manager Update Issue for 2109 rev 2

Navigraph Data Center updated to 2109 rev 2 without issues. When I go to the FMS Data Manager to update LNM, it downloads the file, seems to unpack 2 of 5 files before the update disappears and it’s stuck on 2019 rev 1. Not sure this “mismatch” is going to cause issues or not in MSFS, but what am I doing incorrectly? Thanks.



The AIRAC Cycle 2109 Rev 2 in Navigraph Navdata Center refers to Rev 2 of the MSFS Navigraph AIRAC Update ref Release notes - AIRAC Cycle.

Quite independently the updates in FMS Data Manager have a revision number by addon. There haven’t been updates there so all addons are Rev 1.

I got the same 2 of 5 files status before the update completed. When installed , you should see the following files in c:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\ABarthel\little_navmap_db\


Thank you Ian, I appreciate the help. Best,

You are welcome.

Happy flying.


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