FMS Data Manager not detecting new paths

I have a problem. when I try to download the new AIRACs the FMS program recognizes Little NavMap that I have not installed any more for months and no longer finds X-PLANE which is the simulator I have installed, not allowing me to download anything. Thank you.

Hello Franco! Welcome to the forum.

Which OS are you on? What you are describing sounds peculiar indeed. The issue with LNM still showing up is probably at least partly caused by leftover files from the LNM installation.

Regarding the issue with X-Plane not showing up anymore, you can work around the issue by manually adding it to the registered applications. You can do this by opening FMS Data Manager, then navigating to the settings, and finally scrolling down to the Paths section where you’ll have the ability to manually enter the path to the simulator.

Hope this helps! Please advise should you have any more questions.