Few reports/questions about API (date import message error, clb/des profile, route import SID/STAR calculation, altn_count and altn_id not working)


I have a few reports concerning the API.

  • Future date import

If I import a future date (as can shown below), this message appears :

It seems to think I’m planning it for today instead of tomorrow. The OFP itself seems to calculate at the correct date tho (I just looked at the first page of the OFP, didn’t check winds etc but should be fine).

  • Climb/descent profile not showing in the import

A bit like the passengers not importing, the climb/descent profile don’t change on the Dispatch System when I import a custom one.

  • Route import : SIDs/STARs aren’t calculated for the imported runways

If I import a departure runway, the SID won’t calculate automatically for the selected runway. It would be wonderful if it did so automatically without having to change the runway twice in order to recalculate.

  • Altn_count and altn_#_id not working

Unless all parameters are required (_count, _#_id, #_route and #_rwy) - and if so, it would be wonderful if we could only specify the _#_ids of the airport to simulate the selection of C1, C2, C3 and C4 alternates - it doesn’t seem to work (actually if I import with this in my link everything on my OFP will be blank).

Of course, as the previous post I’ve read in this subforum, it’s only reports and humble requests. Would be wonderful if it’s fixed but by all means take your time, and I understand if everything cannot be looked at/fixed instantly (even though you provide faster fixes for a free service than some other payware add-ons :grin:) !

Thanks for your time !


  • Future date import: I wasn’t able to reproduce this. Are you also sending the date parameter? For example date=07MAR22&deph=05&depm=10. When I tried that I did not get the message popup. If you still have the issue please post the full URL you’re sending.

  • Climb/descent profile not showing in the import: Custom climb/descent profiles aren’t possible. Only those in the Climb/Descent dropdown list are available, passing a custom one will only select it if it exists in the list.

  • Route import : SIDs/STARs aren’t calculated for the imported runways: Should be fixed now.

  • Altn_count and altn_#_id not working: Should work now.

Best regards,


Thank you ! Everything is fixed !

As for the climb/descent profile roger, I thought you could customize it :grin:

And for the date import, yeah I did send the deph and depm parameters. I retried with the 07MAR22 date today and the pop-up message doesn’t appear now.

Thanks for your help !

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