Feature request: Filter zones, TMA, CTR + Overlapping zones

Flying VFR, I sometimes find it hard to define where I am in regards to which airspace I am currently operating in, and what rules/comms apply. Use ENZV and ENBR as two examples, two issues occur:

1 - Overlapping sectors: To the west of the airports, there should be a TMA-sector covering from 700ft and up. ( [IPPC - Norwegian Aerodrome Info] (IPPC - Norwegian Aerodrome Info) ) On the eastside there are sectors that follow the altitude of the mountains. However, in Navigraph the west sector is also covering the whole TMA, including eastern side.
In aditition all the eastern sectors also show and overlaps eachother, including a FIR (Polaris ctrl), and military training areas and so on. There’s a lot of information which is hard to seperate and identify what is relevant for the current flight. Ie.; if flying east of ENZV inside the TMA at 2000ft, it can show both flying in controlled airspace from 700ft and up, but also floor at 1500, 2500 and 3500ft - Two of them shows that I am in controlled airspace, and one shows that I am not. Which is correct?

2 - If the above mentioned is a feature, or not practical to fix I request the following:
Possibility to filter out different types of airspaces. When flying inside a TMA at 3000 ft, and that is my flightplan, the military area covering FL195 and up, or Polaris control surrounding southern Norway is not relevant to me, and will contribute to confusing/time consuming readouts to what rules apply to me specifically.

What do you think?