FAQ - MSFS Windows 10/11 - MSFS and Simlink/Movingmap

When ever you have any issue to connect MSFS with Simlink, please check the following standard settings in Windows 10/11:

Latest version of Simlink installed - you find it here

  1. Please close the simulator

  2. Stop/quit Simlink (right-click on the Simlink symbol in the “taskbar corner”)

  3. Backup and delete the folder %appdata%\Navigraph

  4. Press on the “search-button” (or use the keyboard Win + S):
    00 - win11-search-button

  5. Search for environment (1) and click in the results below on “Edit environment variables for your account” (2):

  6. After that the “System Properties” will be open, press on the “Environment Variables …” button (3)

  7. The Environment Variables window will be opened, look in the “System Variables” area for the “Path” entry (4) and press on the “Edit …” button (5)

  8. Check, if the three entries are included in the list:

    When not, please press the “New” button and enter the missing entry/ies

  9. Press the OK button and reboot your PC.

  10. Start Simlink, when it´s not started, login with your credentials and start the sim