ESSA STAR NILUG2M restriction

After updating to cycle 2112 and inserting the star NILUG2M for ILS 01L at ESSA in the maddog x (newest version) there should be a restriction at NILUG to be at FL150 or below. This restriction did not enter on my FMC, can anyone validate if its only me or if its only in the Maddogx? :slight_smile:

first of all welcome here and thanks for your report.

I have checked the coding of the Maddog dataset and here, we have this restriction at NILUG


So, it´s either a Maddog issue or possible that you don´t have installed the current/effective AIRAC cycle (sorry, for this strange assumption - but we have seen a lot in the last 20 years ;-))

Thank you,

Hello Richard, Thanks for the quick answer!

I have just hopped in the sim again and checked that i infact have 2112 active in my FMC and tested NILUG2M, still no luck so then it must be the maddog. I will take it up on their forums. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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