EDDT on favorites


I added Berlin Tegel (EDDT) to my favorite list on my Navigraph charts account, from prior to it closing and getting removed from the chart database.

It still appears on my favorite list, though with less details than other airports, and I am unable to remove it.

Is there a way to remove it or is it stuck there forever?



To remove a favorite, select the airport, hover over the gold star to show Remove from favorites , click on gold star to remove from favorites.


I am capable of doing what you just said with any other airport besides EDDT, and I am familiar with how it is supposed to work like you have explained it.

Whenever I click EDDT on my favorites list it does not take me to the page where i am able to “unfavorite” (removing the yellow star) it.

I assume its because the airport is not in the database anymore.

let me know if you need a video to clarify what i mean.

Yes, I think we have an issue with that airport as it is no longer in the database.

I expect this will be addressed with the new Charts version currently in development.