Do I need subscription

I haven t been simming for a while …I now see that Simbrief has become Navigraph and that many aircraft these days have a possibility to directly download Simbrief flightplan into EFB or FMC but my simbrief ID is not accepted …do I have to subscribe for yearly or monthly Navigraph payed services for this?Thank you

I haven t been simming for a while and found out that Simbrief now is Navigraph and that many new aircraft now can directly load simbrief flightplans into EFB and FMC…do I need a Navigraph subscription for this?Thanx



No you don’t need a subscription to access SimBrief flight plans in EFB’s. Make sure you correctly enter your SimBrief Pilot ID.

You do require a subscription to use the current AIRAC in SimBrief


Thanks for yr quick response

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