Differences between ETOPS/EDTO and ETP Planning

Three engine aircraft, like the MD11, only require ETP planning when they are 90-minutes away from an adequate airport, unlike twin-engine aircraft with their 60-minute threshold time. For the MD11/DC10s and so on, the altitude we have to meet is a dual E/O capability 2000ft away from the most limiting obstacle, which is usually sea level, unlike two of the ETOPS Crit Fuel Scenarios at 10000ft. The airports used for the ETP divert airports do not need to meet alternate mins, in the US regs they arent alternates, just adequates, so, published mins are fine. Passenger trijets no longer exist, but if they did, they’d have to meet ETOPS planning requirements and ETOPS crit fuel scenarios once 180-minutes away from an adequate, but from 90-180, they just have to meet ETP planning requirements.

So, for example, an all-cargo MD11 along the route LFPG ATREX5A ATREX UT225 VESAN UL613 SOVAT L613 SANDY UN601 LESTA UP6 RODOL UM65 TENSO L603 BELOX DCT MIMKU DCT SUNOT DCT 58N020W 60N030W 60N040W 59N050W DCT AVUTI N696A YDP N712A JOVIE N732A MT DCT YVO DCT FNT DCT FWA DCT PXV BLUZZ3 KMEM would require no ETP planning at all. The MD11 has a 90-minute threshold distance of 730 NMs. That route would require twin-engine ETOPS however.

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