Descent wind speeds

Would it be possible to add descent winds (as it is in LIDO/RYR ofp for FL350,310,200,150,100) to the fetch API?
Maybe I missed something but the only place where I could find it is in <plan_html> which is not helpful.


You can interpolate between altitudes and waypoints to calculate the descent winds. For a basic calculation, you can simply interpolate across altitudes at the TOD and Arrival airport in the <navlog> section, then optionally take the average winds between them.

For greater accuracy (though the difference is often negligible), you can also interpolate between waypoints, depending on how far along the descent you are (ex. if you are descending from FL350, the descent winds at FL350 are the same as at the TOD waypoint, while the descent winds at 10,000 will be closer to the arrival airport).

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