Departure rwy Milan Linate Airport (LIML)

For a few days I have been finding that when generating the flight departing from Milan Linate (LIML), SimBrief does not list all its runways, 18 - 36 and 17 - 35.
View and assign only rwy 17 - 35.
I don’t understand why. Could you give me directions?
Thanks bye

in general Linate has only one runway and here the runway designation was changed from 18/36 → 17/35 … so 18/36 is obsolete due the magnetic variation change. You see this also on our charts:

Here from the current charts:

Hope that helps,

I hadn’t noticed this detail because, until recently, it gave me what is now obsolete and then because this airport, in MSFS 2020, still represents the runway with the old numbering.
Thanks for the clarification, very kind.
Best regards
Vito Berardini

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