Data downloader for Win 32bits

Is there a version of Navdata able to run on Windows @ 32bits?

In alternative, is there really no other way to get LevelD data directly for MacOS?



Hi Fabrizio,


Please use Navdata Manual Installation


Hi Ian,

thanks a lot. I solved downloading the FMS downloader for MacOS that has also the option to download the data into a user specified directory. All is well now.

Regrettably the link you provided is not easy to find and I am pretty convinced that more information about the overall process of getting data and other information should be better explained in text. I am not a newcomer but I found that the website takes for granted a certain understanding of products and needs. This understanding may be different for others, hence the difficulties in comprehending what you are actually buying with the subscription.

If you look in different forums you will see also that others need guidance in this.

Anyway, these are just suggestions. Thanks for the help!