Customized Flightplan similar to PFPX style

I hope you guys are doing well. I am thoroughly enjoying to have all (most of ) my dispatch tools under one navigraph umbrella. I would like to request a feature in either Simbrief or Navigraph charts or side tool connected with navigraph charts where I can easily build / create custom flightplan as easy and intuitive as PFPX.
In PFPX I can right click on an already added waypoint and see which airways are connected, or I can connect directly to another waypoint or automatically find a path to a waypoint and then add it to my flightplan.

This feature is very useful for me when I need to create a flightplan that has no route string mentioned in flightaware but I can see the plotting of the route in the map.

This feature is also very useful when I need I need to guess the best route through large portion of pacific and atlantic ocean where there is little information from sites like flightaware or flightradar24

Thank you

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Hi, thanks, your request has been noted for a possible future update.

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is there a List with planned futures to avoid double requests?


Unfortunately there is no public list, it’s best to simply search the forum to see if someone else has requested it already. :slight_smile: . Then simply add a reply in that topic if you want to add any comments.

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