Current AIRAC not working with LNM

When I try to use one of the airports that is missing in the original MSFS2020 database (ETNL in my case), but is available in the current FMS database, LNM does not find it. LNM is configured in FMS and shows AIRAC 2101 Rev 1 installed.
I can select it from within MSFS, where I use the Beta version with AIRAC 2101 Rev 3 at the moment.

I have tried to uninstall the LNM link in FMS and reinstall it, but to no avail.

Hello Herbert!

I am not able to reproduce. Please provide more details about your configuration of LNM. To start with, what does the menu highlighted below show you? Feel free to attach a screenshot in your next post.


… and here with the MSFS2020 database only (AIRAC 2101 installed in the MSFS) - ETNL is included as you see:


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Hi Malte and Richard
By coincidence I have just downloaded and installed the new version 2.6.9 of LNM and went through the whole setup process for it. Now it shows AIRAC 2101 Rev 1 and I have access to the data I am looking for.
There must have been something wrong with the link to the database before.
Thank you for all your help

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