Country label for World Map

I would love to see this applied, both zoome out and in…
I see this was mentioned to be not on the road map, but I would strongly wish it will be.
Gives an overall situational awareness in a tourist kinda way when en-route on cruise :slight_smile:

Hej Tom! Thanks for the feedback.

The tricky thing when it comes to countries is the fact that they have borders and depicting said borders (or even a label) sometimes comes with political implications. Thus we have so far refrained from adding anything akin to country labels and/or borders, to avoid complaints from any side.

We have so far motivated this decision with the fact that FIR/UIR airspace often follows country borders, and thus can be used to get a general idea of what countries you are passing by without having to take any political stances.

Regardless, your wish is welcome here - especially if you can find a way around the implications mentioned above! You may also want to vote for your own topic here, that is fully OK!

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Thanks Malte
On a personal note, I don’t believe borders are any factors, not even with Ukraine/Russia in mind. If that where the case, most updated maps would be wrong. Borders are disputed every day and maps are continuously up for changes. Now the benefit of having country labels and borders is familiarization, no one in their right mind remembers FIR or even ICAO/IATA codes to determine which country they are flying over unless they have done that flight or close by flights repeatedly… In case of IFR High maps, the green text is almost impossible to read, especially on smaller screens and for those with less eyesight. Does not matter if you zoom in, same goes for LOW. I case of VFR maps it is simply impossible to know if you are flying from one country to a neighboring country expect for the ICAO label. I know the difference between those I fly in often, but I could only spot the difference in other countries, not determinate which country I fly into. Now fortunately we have a good level school education and have a fast grasp of where countries lay, but that does not mean everybody know this. Many in the states can even pinpoint a geographic place unless it is a state in the USA (not all of course). Point being and I made the last reference a bit harsh, but is is sad to know that not many know where countries resides. Such case, would those labeling help.

Thanks a lot for elaborating! I don’t make the decisions, but it’s great to have a more detailed motivation.

Since the wishlist section is meant to gauge interest based on votes, feel free to vote for this topic yourself!

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Country labels/borders is now launched as part of today’s Charts update. It is on by default in the World Map layer, but can be seleted to other layers from the Base group when needed.


Thank you very much, this for sure will come in handy.

In retrospect after some use, I just want to say that this looks amazing. Nicely done.


Thanks! I will pass on your kind words!