Comms frequency information broken in cycle 2212


comms frequency information is broken all over the place in cycle 2212 (and potentially already earlier, didn’t check back then):

This doesn’t affect just EDDM, but also others.

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Taking a closer look, those “frequencies” (they are not even technically correct) encode bandwidth and channel.

In other words:

  • .xx33 and .xx83 mark 8,33 kHz channels
  • .xx33 must be translated to .xx5
  • .xx83 to .x(x+1)0

Example EDDF:
2022-12-10 16_29_21-Navigraph Charts
2022-12-10 16_29_36-Navigraph Charts

The way it is now, the Comms column is pretty much useless with 8,33 kHz channels.