Charts Only Subscription model

Navigraph has a Data Only subscription model, I would love to see a Charts Only subscription model as well.

this is a little bit strange wish, because the underlaying data in the sim or in the FMS/C, Garmins of the addons are the base for the charts.

So, when you would have only the charts, how will you use it without the same data/quality/completness of these navigational data.

It would the same, when you request only car charts, but want to use your car navigation without any update. You see the changes on your charts, but you can navigate to this via your car navigation. Sorry, but that makes no real sense. Also in the real world aviation are charts and data mostly on the same base and date.

Another example: it makes no sense to use Lido data, Navblue data and Jeppesen charts, due the different name conventions, the different codings and of course the partly worldwide coverage/completness.

So, possible I don’t undersrand the request/wish correctly but what is the intention to use charts only without the data behind?


Not necessarily for myself but looking at it from an XBox users perspective. The ultimate subscription that includes data and charts is only ‘half’ useful for XBox users. The price of that combo pack while only being able to use half of what you are paying for is likely to turn off potential customers.

Understood, thanks for the additional input.
Possible we find a way to update the data on XBox too in the future.

Without it, as I have written before, using the charts only are also the half way due the mismatch between the in-game data (which are a mix of Navblue and the free public FAA data) and our Jeppesen charts.

Again, we have a few open projects and we shall consider how we can support our XBox users and to provide our real-world data from Jeppesen too.

Thanks again for the clarification


In addition to what Richard says, you are of course able to do your flightplanning on SimBrief where you can take advantage of the current data to generate current routes.


I’ve voted for this. I just want a good-quality VFR map in the cockpit. I often fly without the navigation equipment switched on. Little NavMap coupled with Little NavMap VFR panel work quite well, but I’m wondering if the Navigraph maps would be better. There is quite a lot of useful detail missing from the Openstreet Map used by Little NavMap