Charts 8 gives consistently JavaScript Error


i am getting a JavaScript Error over and over again. Even without actually doing something in the app.

Yes, here too.
Running updated Windows 10 on a Surface 3 Tablet.
Same error …

Well i just deinstalled everything, downloaded and installed the newest version. Now it works fine. It seems you have to do this by yourself. Updates in the app itself are apparently broken with this error.



Thank you for the update. We have a small number of users with this error , and indeed an uninstall, redownload and reinstall seems to fix it.


I just followed this instruction and I’m still getting the JavaScript error as reported by Cincho above. Is it possible to rollback to the previous version? JavaScript is not reliable.

Hello, I get the same error message after starting the application under Win10 with X-Plane 11. After pressing the OK button, it comes back after what feels like a minute and blocks the app.
This means that the app cannot be used and I pay the fee mainly because of the map app.
Dieter Swada

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I’ve found that adding the Navigraph folder to my browser’s exclusions solved the problem. You may need to do the same with any antivirus software you have too.

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Thanks for the suggestion, the app is running stable at the moment. I deleted the initial installation, re-downloaded and re-installed and now it is o.k.

Glad to hear it. Enjoy.

Worked here, thank you!.. I noticed the olde V7 was still there, so performed unistall and manual verification.

Happy Flying!

I have the problem again. Seems like the AutoUpdate functionality is somehow broken.

Please see A JavaScript error occurred in the main process - #13 by stephen - it is fixed in the latest update 8.14. If you don’t see the update notification, quit the app and wait 30 seconds and start the app again.


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