Chars for iPad Search Question and Altitude Request


I know that Charts on the PC has the ability to search in a small area by pressing the right button on the mouse. Is there a way to enable to same feature on the iOS app? I sometimes find it difficult to select the exact feature that I am trying to access and would find it helpful to have a pop up list of items within the search.

Also, I like the fact that Simlink shows the position of the plane on the charts, but is there a way to have it show the altitude as well on the glideslope diagrams at the same time? I have used Aivlasoft’s EFBv2 and it does that in addition to the location showing on the map itself, which makes it useful for making sure you’re on the glideslope correctly or at the right altitudes before entering the ILS.

Thank you.



We are about to commence beta testing of a new Charts version which will be cross platform, and have a new user interface.

Some of your suggestions will be included in the new version, maybe in an update after release.


Good to hear. Thank you @Ian. I hope to be able to make it into the beta test at some point.