Carenado Cessna 182T and 182 RG II for MSFS

Can you please provide Simbrief profiles for the Cessna 182?


This may or may not be added, depends on demand and or time.


need it too would be nice :slight_smile: thanks

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I NEED PLS :smiley:

Carenado Cessna 182T

Would like to have it too. Carenado c182t.

I second this! It’s to add some more GA profiles like the CT182T and C182 RG especially with the advent of Beyond ATC relying on Simbrief.

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Thoughts and random notes—- why and why??? —-What’s the deal and why hasn’t more GA craft been added. It’s has been years since the first requests by others. There are myriads of GA craft and out of 167 air craft that are listed only a couple are represented. It is shared by other more knowledgeable users of Simbrief that a GA plane included in the list spec’s can be modified to kind of match the GA plane( not included in the list) of someone’s choice but again why are there so many Heavy aircraft listed and not GA. The general observation is that there are more GA enthusiasts in MSFS 2020 than there are commercial enthusiasts especially because the learning curve to properly control an airliner is greater than it is to become more familiar with GA craft which too are equipped with Navigraph and tools such as PMS50 , other similar devices and software . But unfortunately because Simbrief ( as most more informed users of Simbrief in other forums )) say it is designed to be best used for heavy craft so therefore no real instruction is available on how to simply use Simbrief to create flight plans (OFP) for General aviation flights. So why are the tools such as the PMS50 & Garmins , and NXi… which allow for importing flight plans into them available but Simbrief is lacking GA craft.? The purpose for these tools which incorporate Navigraph , should include Simbrief being more versed to include detailed instructions on how to setup a GA flight. It was apparent that the designers of Simbrief put emphasis on commercial airliners ( since there are so many of them listed ) but very little on GA . Unfortunately z, to this day there are more larger craft listed and very little flight characteristics for GA craft . Also & Consequently, there is a lack of professional detailed instruction (professional — meant by its creators ) included in Simbrief for creating flight plans and for how to setup things like call signs ( what not to fill in and what to fill in ) and related options for GA craft . Why?

Quite simply, SimBrief is modeled after real-world planning systems that are almost exclusively used by commercial airliners. You won’t see many (or really any) real-world GA pilots flying around with a briefing package like the ones SimBrief produces. VFR flying tends to be planned much more by hand, without the use of complicated dispatch software (though some websites and planning apps do exist of course).

With that said, even though SimBrief is not designed specifically for GA / VFR flying, over time many users have found it can be effectively used for this as well. As more users have started using SimBrief for this purpose, various add-ons have added SimBrief support due to popular demand. But in my opinion you should not be required to use SimBrief if you don’t feel it’s necessary for a given flight. GA flights can also be planned using the aircraft POH or various rules of thumb to estimate your fuel load, for example. It doesn’t always make sense to plan every flight on SimBrief.

As to why SimBrief doesn’t include more GA aircraft in the list by default, it boils down to the following:

  • There are so many GA aircraft types and variants, much more so than the types of airliners that are in use today.
  • For the most part, many GA aircraft are similar in performance to each other. It’s quite easy for users to create a custom airframe in SimBrief (based on a similar existing GA aircraft) and get very good results. The same cannot be said for airliners, they differ much more wildly in performance and fuel consumption, which is why they often need to be custom made.
  • It’s incredibly time consuming to program aircraft profiles. Given how many GA models exist, and given that in most cases it’s possible for users to simply create their own airframes based on similar GA models already available, it’s more efficient for us to add a few common GA types and then let users create their own airframes as needed. We do still add new GA types from time to time when none of the existing types come close enough in terms of performance.

Regarding documentation: While it is true that you won’t find much official documentation on planning GA flights in SimBrief, the SimBrief User Guide can still be quite useful as it describes all of the planning options and how to use them in general. You can also find various unofficial video tutorials on using SimBrief for GA flying on YouTube, for example.

Finally, if you still have any questions, and can’t find the answers elsewhere, you are always welcome to post them here in the forums! Generally we do recommend searching for your question first, as it may have already been answered previously.

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I have added the C182T and C182RG airframes to SimBrief now.

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Thank you. I was concerned since I’m more interested in GA than commercial airliners . I’m a subscriber to NG and have Simbrief so I was looking for specific information relating to Simbrief instructions on how to setup a controlled flight using GA .

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