Cannot see demo charts in AviTab

I want to make decision to buy a subscription, but decided to try first.
And I had a problem…

Hello Stas! Welcome to the forum.

I am not able to answer for issues that come up with third-party integrations such as Avitab. I can, however, recommend you to try our Charts application directly in a web browser at!

If you are still seeing issues while using this web application, please let me know and we’ll make sure to look into it!

Kind Regards,

I tried standalone Chart application. Everything is fine, functions well.
Web app functions well too

but noticed that the picture is the same and not clear…

Right, sorry. I should have recognized that you were trying to get ahold of charts for LEAL, which is not included in the demo. However, you can plan an example flight between NZWN and YBBN to get a feel for both our enroute charts and the plates themselves!

The data is fully available/unlocked for this area and these two airports.

Hope this helps!

This works

But my goal is AviTab-using…

May be need to edit any config-file for using of NZWN(YBBN) charts as demo in avitab, since it is tuned to LEAL today?..

I was just going to suggest that you post in the Avitab-dedicated part of the X-Plane forum, but I believe you already did!

Sorry for the inconvenience, nothing we can do on our part sorry.

Kind Regards,

Thank You! Hope all will be right))