Cannot get any charts after upgrading to premium

I recently upgraded to premium. I have two copies of x plane 11 on my pc, one on a separate F drive and one on the D drive. Although both of them will update only one of them will show me all of the charts I have paid for. For example: CYYC (Calgary) just shows the default collection of maps and none of what I paid for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


We don’t provide charts natively to X-Plane. We have standalone apps and many aircraft and app integrations in X-Plane, e.g. Avitab. Could you elaborate on how you are trying to access charts? Could you provide a screenshot?



Thanks for the reply, Stephen. I probably did not phrase my issue very well. As I said, I have 2 copies of x Plane 11 on my pc. When using Avitab, airport (CYYC), one of the copies works perfectly, showing all of the online charts etc. But the other copy does not show anything different than the default charts in Avitab. Right now I am comparing both to see what is different in each.

Thanks again,


Hi Stephen, I sorted it out. I was missing the login.aviscript file in the Avitab folder pertaining to the X Plane 11 copy that wasn’t working properly. Thank ou for the prompt reply.