Cannot download FMS Data Managaer

I am unable to download the FMS data manager on my MAC. (X-plane)
I mimics a download, but nothing is installed.
What is the name I should be looking for in the “Finder” ?



Please download FMS Data Manager for Mac OS

You should get a DMG or a zip to double click on to install.

Follow the prompts.

Once installed you can access FMS Data Manager


Thanks swift reply, I have installed it like you describe zip > DMG, several times, but there is no trace of a FMS or FMC data manager.

regards Ole

Hi Ole,
sorry, possible a silly question (because I´m not a MacOS user) but what is/does the symbol “FMS Data Manager” from your screenshot?


There it is, I though that was just a logo.
Thank you for help.


Wohoooo … no knowledge about iOS and then, the first shot a hit :rofl:

No, honestly - @ian was the man here - I have only asked the question …

Thanks for your feedback and happy flying,

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