Cannot connect to Volanta

Hi all,

I have an active Navigraph Ultimate Subscription
and I would like to connect my account with Volanta app.
I’m trying to connect to Navigraph on the website but after I login to my Navigraph account, I get a blank screen (Screenshot below). I tried to refresh my page but nothing happens.
On Volanta it shows I have not connected my Navigraph account.
I am currently using Chrome Version 104
Any assistance would be greatly be appreciated


I have just “Authenticated with Navigraph” in Volenta without error. I suggest you clear caches in your browser and try again. Also check your login details are correct.


Thanks, Ian, I tried that and I was getting the same issue again however as I was trying that I had another idea.

I have the Chrome extension “Ghoestry” running in the background. I marked Navigraph as a safe website and cleared my cookies again. I was able to successfully sign in and connect my Navtigraph account then.

I thought I might update the thread in case anyone has issues similar to mine in the future

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