Bug in Export of VFR Plan fo FS2020

Hello, I found a bug (and a possible fix) in the export of VFR plans to FS2020.
When FP is exported, XML contains:


When imported in FS2020, it’s then converted to an IFR Low Altitude plan… and every waypoint is lost and recalculated.
I tried to REMOVE the RouteType, leaving only the FPType, and plan is (almost) correctly imported as VFR Direct-GPS plan.

Tested on this VFR plan in Navigraph Charts:
LSZA/01 CANE2U.CANNE 461000N0085252E DCT VP498 DCT VP497 DCT VP502 DCT LILO/09
LSZALILO.pln (4.8 KB)

I’m using Navigraph Charts 8.19.0 build 4016136394

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