Blank screens on SimBrief import in Vision Jet

So I recently got the vision jet and navigraph but when importing flight plan from simbrief all the avionics go black. I have made changes to the game itself deleting world updates and turning off live traffic to accommodate the issue seems to run a little bit longer but then eventually quits again. Any suggestions on what I should do?

Another question I have is how To make the airplane position link to my iPad.

Hello Hayden! Welcome to the forum.

That sounds unexpected and it is unlikely to be caused by the plugin itself, but perhaps the recent update introduced some incompatibilities. We’ll ask our friends at FlightFX and investigate!

Are you on XBox or PC? For PC, you need Navigraph Simlink. On XBox, you can find Simlink in the “Navigraph Settings” page in the GTC!

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Hmm, I am not able to reproduce this. Could you share the route that SimBrief generated?

I am on Xbox and the Navilink doesn’t appear on my iPad with navigraph. I am about to load the scenario and video where the avionics crash. Standby

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Ah! Sorry, did not realize. That’s pretty hard for me to debug, unfortunately! Feel free to post the flight regardless - if you have the latest version of the addon then it should be the same on both platforms.

You need to turn on Simlink from the Navigraph Settings page ( Utilities > Setup > Navigraph Settings ) for that integration to work!

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