Berlin Tegel EDDT

Hey Guys!
I just wanted to clarify a thing regarding Berlin Tegel (EDDT), because I would love to see it in a future AIRAC again. I’ve now read two different threads about including EDDT in the future again as a tailored airport. One answer was: Yes, we are planning to include EDDT again, but it may take a while due to high work loads. The other answer was: Well, we would need a big costumer base for EDDT to add it again. So one time it is a yes, and another time it sounded more like a no.
That’s why I wanted to ask for a little bit of clarification regarding this topic :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance

Hi Paul,
no - yes :slight_smile: … EDDT as tailored recordset is on my tasklist and will be added in the future. But what is correct is still the high workload at the moment with other projects. Another reason is, that we must avoid to make this as a standard-procedure because this isn´t standard on our side too and needs a lot of effort in the different database and applications.

So, we can´t give you any timeline for this but in short, to make it short and clear for this topic:
YES, the closed airport EDDT will be added in the future.


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Thank you so much Richard for your response!
Very happy that EDDT is coming back, and I understand the issues regarding the workload etc.
Big thanks to you and all your team for making Navigraph so amazing!

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