Berlin Brandenburg Airport

I would like to request that the Berlin Brandenburg Airport (EDDB) IATA code will be changed from the old SXF to BER, so that I don’t have SXF in my OFP layout but the correct and “new” BER IATA code. Would be amazing if this is changed. :slight_smile:

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The IATA code is part of the AIRAC data, which is updated every 28 days. The IATA code for EDDB was changed to BER in late 2020.

SimBrief uses AIRAC 2003 by default (from March of 2020), which is from before the IATA code change, which is why you’re seeing the old IATA code still.

If you’d like, you can upgrade SimBrief’s AIRAC data through a Navigraph subscription. I have checked the current AIRAC cycle, and it does indeed have BER as the IATA code. A Navigraph subscription also allows you to update the AIRAC for many different flight simulators and add-ons (not only SimBrief), as well as gives access to the latest Charts if you choose the Ultimate subscription.

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Hi Derek,

I did not know that. Thanks for letting me know, maybe I will get myself a subscription. :slight_smile:

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