BAe146 profile

For the existing profiles of JF BAe146 there are serveral wrong things. First of all it’s not RVSM compliant, wich means Max FL270.

Cruise profiles are
also wrong. M68 is Max and MRC is also to high.And that goes also for LRC

Thanks, we take note of this.


Since this isn’t a performance/certification limitation of the aircraft (more of a regulatory/equipment limitation), you can manually force a lower ceiling if you’d like by creating a custom airframe and adjusting the Service Ceiling option.

May I ask where you got that info from? For example, the Wikipedia article lists a max speed of Mach 0.739 and a typical cruise of Mach 0.70 for all variants. SimBrief’s MCR and M70 cruise profiles line up with that. And SimBrief’s LRC normally gives around Mach 0.60-0.65. Everything looks correct in SimBrief from what I can tell.


Hi and Thanks for your reply. I have been trying (hard) to find some reel storys for the BAE 146. Its a different plane from the RJ. My main source for M68 is from a Ferry flight wich the captain did a blog for. He several times in the blog stated non RVSM and normal Cruise at M68. For sure higher alts my be right. But not at FL270. I hope we can get a lower cruise speed than the M70 / MRC and LRC. Sorry for misspelling. (Swedish)
The link to blog is: