Auto import toggle in Navigraph for FlightPlans in SimBrief

I’m flying for different virtual companies and the flight plans are already generated in SimBrief. It would be very handy to have auto-import toggle which is allowing automatically to import the FP into Navigraph.
This will reduce the number of operations for the customer as operations like “unload” and then “select” and “import” the FP would be automatically done.

I’m familiar with the auto import feature in SimBrief which is quite handy but it still require sort of interaction and step to get out of the current context. With this experience the number of clicks will be reduced and the time to import from 4 seconds will be reduced to less than 1 :slight_smile:

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Would be great to have a one button simbrief import of latest flightplan.
The existing means unloading the existing flightplan (click 1) click import (click 2) click download from simbrief (click 3) then click download on flightplan (click 4)

Then, there should be some kind of safety lock on autoimport button. I can see how on touch-screen devices one might inadvertently import a new flight plan, and wipe out the active one.