Auto hide aircraft symbol in flight

Would be nice to have also the option, that the aircraft symbol is only visible on ground and does automatically vanish as soon as off ground.

Reason is, that I do not like to have the symbol on during flight, just to proove my navigation skills :wink:
But need/like it to have on ground for taxiing of course.

many thanks!


Is it not really just a matter of pressing the moving maps symbol on the map to disengage moving maps?



Why having digital charts when you also can have them old style in a printed folder?

I have a setup, where I have minimised my mouse Interaktion. With three monitors, in the middle is the sim, the other both show tools and charts.
Currently I only have to take the mouse to make the aircraft symbol invisible.

Surely no dealbreaker, but when you could implement it easily probably, it would be nice.
Thereโ€™s a variable if AC is on ground, so should be possible hopefully?

Many thanks!!!