Aircraft Symbol Type, Data Tags, Displaying other Aircraft

I Believe based on a previous message that you are updating your user interface. Would it be possible, for that update or one in the future, to allow us to pick the type of aircraft symbol, and maybe an ability to scale its size.

Also, since the symbol is in motion, can you attach some sort of “data block” that might default similar to what ATC would use, but maybe let us customize that with extra information?

Would it be possible for Navigraph to perform certain calculations within the application ten display information, such as time over remaining fixes in the flight plan?

I noticed when I fly with online clients such as Vatsim, that I can see in X-Plane’s Map or Instructor window other aircraft on network in the area along with their call signs. Is there anyway to have Navigraph read that information and display it on the enroute and approach chart overlay screens as well?

OK, sorry for rattling off all these things here but I don’t know where else to send them. Love the Navigraph product, thanks for reading!

Hi Ron,

Thank you for your timely suggestions. We shall consider them for the new Charts version, currently in development.