ATC Callsign vs Airline

Hi Team,

Regarding the ATC Callsign and Airline Box in the flightplan.

In real life, the Airline/Flight Number is designated by the IATA Airline Code then the flight number, e.g. LS 196 - which is Jet2.Com.

However, the ATC Callsign uses the Airline ICAO ref, and then either the actual flight number or a combination of numbers and digits e.g. LS 196 would be EXS 44E.

I know I can manually use LS in the Airlines Box, just wondering if this could be a general change so that this box would only ever required the 2 digit IATA Code.

Thanks and really enjoying Simbrief (ex PFPX user).



Hi Ken,

Thanks for the feedback, though I feel like the current setup is more flexible. Currently you can choose to either enter the 2-letter or 3-letter airline code, depending on your preference.

Many users prefer to enter the 3-letter ICAO code directly because it saves having to manually enter the callsign afterwards in many cases (i.e. if the airline is “ABC” and flight number is “123”, the callsign will default to “ABC123”). When entering the IATA code, it then becomes necessary to also enter the ICAO code separately into the callsign.

Best regards,

OKDOK, I can live with that. Thanks for the prompt reply.