Please Please Please Please add the meta tags needed for SimBrief to be launched as an apple mobile web app. It would make for such an awesome and simple ux enhancement. Or is it really that hard?

It’s missing since the get go and it would take like 10 minutes to add the specific code. Please Navigraph. If not please tell my why it’s not doable.


best regards

Sebastian Eschenbach

Hi Sebastian,

It isn’t quite as easy as you make it sound unfortunately. Mobile web apps need to be designed as single-page applications. That requires a complete redesign of the website, probably closer to 10 months than 10 minutes. :slight_smile:

It still might happen in the future, but it will be a little while unfortunately.

Best regards,

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I’m sorry. And thank you.

Sorry to bother again. Are we really writing about the same thing? I’m requesting the possibility for the SimBrief website to be saved to the homescreen on iOS and launched in separate window without the borders of the safari browser on iOS/iPadOS.

I’m not referring to make a real webapp out of it with the scaling and all that. There would be no UI change rather than gained display surface and better multitasking capabilities.

Again sorry if I’m wrong. Just want to make sure.

Apologies, it seems you’re right. I guess my information was out of date!

I’ve tested various settings and I think I have it working now. But it only works if you save the Dispatch page to your home screen (not the SimBrief home page, for example).

Please delete your current home screen icon, then visit the Dispatch page, then save it to your home screen again.

Let me know if it works as expected, thanks!


thank you so much for your effort. Unfortunately I am not able to confirm it working, yet.

Please see the screen recording:

Also, this was a little project of mine: maybe it helps. It was the same goal. Main difference here I guess is that the server was/is a localhost.

The developers of Fenix have just published an update to fulfill the same functionality.

(part) Fenix Changelog:

  • Added meta tags to enable “Save to Homescreen” on iOS, and fullscreen viewing

It seems like it wasn’t a big deal for them either. But it may differ from case to case, so no worries please. Again, appreciate your work!


Sebastian Eschenbach

Sorry about that, my mistake. Please try it again now.

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it’s just awesome! Thank you for your commitment.

Sebastian Eschenbach

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