App not available

The navigraph charts app is not available in the playstore. How can i get it.

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Same here… App not available in playstore for me (and of course links from this site doesn’t work either)… Samsung 22+

Is somewhere standalone apk file for installation, at least for temporary usage?


Hi Team,

We are aware of the issue and are trying to find a solution.

Thank you for your patience.



You can download the app from here: Download Charts for Android from here



Thx Stephen.


Outlook voor Android downloaden


I just purchased the yearly ultimate subscription, only to find out that the Android version of Navigraph is nowhere to be found on the Google Play Store. I am not comfortable installing the app from a link on to my Android devices, especially since I also use them for work.

When will the issue with Google be resolved and why did they remove it?



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@stephen So now I just tried it on an old iPad that I have : I was able to install it, but when I try to log into Navigraph Charts on the iPad, it says “invalid username or password”, yet it is the exact username/password that I registered with.

So currently neither Android nor iPad appears to be functional.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


It was removed because it is lacking a link to our privacy policy, which was not a requirement back when it was published.

The APK file is the exact same binary as the one in Google Play.

Your other option is to use Charts Cloud,, in Chrome on your tablet. The web app is functionally identical to the native app.

Did you install the iPad app from the Apple app store? The iPad app uses the same login as the Android app, the other apps, the main website, and this forum. Please double check it is the current iPad app by removing and reinstalling it.



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Hi Stephen,

Thank you very much for responding so quickly; much appreciated.

I uninstalled the app on the iPad and re-installed it and it then accepted the credentials and ran without a problem. Thanks for that tip.

Do you have an ETA on when the Google Play Store will work again for Navigraph?



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