Airstrips in Flight Planning

In VFR mode, many small airstrips have a name, but no ICAO ID.
Map magnification displays runway, windsock placement, QFU and available services. They should therefore be legitimate entries for flight planning (for small GA planes).

How does one insert any of them in a VFR Flight Plan? One cannot use the “Add to Route” command (which is greyed out) to make them Departure/Arrival points.
Note: Currently, one can get the runway coordinates by right-clicking (+ symbol) the runway, using this as an intermediate waypoint, but NOT as Flight Plan ORIGIN or END.

I hope this can be corrected.


We are working on a way to support such smaller airstrips and and also seaplane bases and heliports as part of the flight. Currently it is not possible.



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Thank you so much, Stephen!
Charts 8 is already splendid, it would be just perfect.
Looking forward to it.