Airplane in beta test for MSFS, how to have it detected at Navigraph Navdata Center?

Hi, I’m a beta tester of a very nice airplane that in the P3D version obviously uses Navigraph FMS Data Manager to update their AIRACs.

Unfortunately Navigraph Navdata Center fails to detect this addon.

I use Navigraph Navdata Center for MSFS and can only see the two types of Aerosoft CRJ (550/700 and 900/1000).

Is there a way to get Navigraph Navdata Center to detect my beta addon?

Thank you.


Navigraph Navdata Center only detects add-ons we know about and support. We are working with developers to support add-ons which are in development.

For which add-on are you beta testing? If it confidential please advise by Private Message.


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