Aircraft request: BN-2 Islander

Hi, simply as the topic says - could you please add the Britten-Norman Islander in the next round of aircraft additions? it might be scraping the minimum size for an airliner but it’s just about capable enough.


Hi, we will look into this.

For now, you can create a custom airframe in the My Fleet section to make your own BN-2. I recommend using the DHC6 or DA62 as the base type as they seem to match the closest.

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Hi, any news on this matter? Would love to see the profile :slight_smile:

With the advent of a number of different flight sim versions of this aircraft, including one for MFS and another one this month for X-Plane 12 - both excellent aircraft (and popular aircraft to fly), I for one would (also) very much like to see a Britten Norman BN-2 profile added to Simbrief. Please can we have one?!

Me too… I just posted a note on this and would add my name to the growing list of requests for a proper BN2A (or B) profile. For the time being I am using the DHC-6 Twin Otter which has a similar configuration and performance. — SH


I have a question if an aircraft going to be added to the aircraft list when you are doing the preparation for a flight plan.

The aircraft is Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander, are the any plans for adding this specific aircraft? If not, I want to do a request to add the aircraft! :slight_smile:



Hi Jonathan,


Please make a search on “Britten-Norman”. I suggest you add a vote to this topic above.