Aircraft Request: Antonov AN-225

I would like to request the Antonov AN-225 as a Simbrief profile, as the developer FLYFREESTD released a studylevel one for P3D and FSX, and as the AN-225 has 6 engines, and was the largest plane on this planet, there is no similar plane with the same fuel burn.

For people who want to fly the AN-225, I created a Simbrief profile based on the 747-8F. I adjusted the weight limits and also the fuel burn, so it is as realistic as possible. The maximum take-off weight, and the maximum fuel capacity of the real plane is not possible, as Simbrief doesn’t allow values that high, so you will always be a little bit lighter loaded than the real plane, and also the range might be limited a bit, but the other parts are correct, from what I know.

Here is the link:


Hi, thanks for making a profile.

I have increased the maximum profile weights, you should be able to use the correct weights now.


Thank you so much, I changed the values to the correct ones now, may you upload my profile on Simbrief, it would also be nice if you could double check it and also the fuel consumption.

New Link: