AIRAC 2105_LFMN no approaches available for Fly the maddog x

On fly the maddog x (P3D4.5), on DEP/ARR page only runways are depicted not approaches. try with previous AIRAC2104 and no joy. i compare LFMN file with some others LFML/LFPG/EKCH but I didn’t saw discrepancies with my not expert eyes.

20210530_LFMN ARR PGE

Thanks for your support


Just short notice to thank you having corrected the PMDG database for EHAM.
When you have some time left can you just have a look on Maddog database for LFMN because still no approaches on LFMN even after 2106 AIRAC update.

Thanks you in advance for your support.

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