Adding waypoints to route - missing names

When adding waypoints to a route, the names are missing.

I’m using Navigraph Charts for iOS, version 8.25.0 Build:1
Deleting the app and reinstalling doesn’t help, or restarting the device. This used be fine earlier, now it’s a guessing work and adding waypoints has become unusable. Windows version works correctly, though. Any suggestions what to do ?

Hello Ronnie! Thank you for the feedback.

Apologies for the late reply, this must have slipped through the net somehow!

This issue is known to us and it has been fixed. It will be included in the next release v8.27.0 which we are publishing to app stores for review today. We hope that Apple will be able to get it out before the weekend!

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Tackar och bockar Malte !
No problems, thx for the feedback.
Work around was to enter the information in the “edit line” where the pen is located :slight_smile:

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