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Hi, will end my account soon. Something i have to do ? deleting any programs (FMS data manager, navdata center,charts, in-game panel).


Hi Steen,
sorry to hear that, is there any specific reason for that? I mean, in connection with our services?

No, when you have canceled your subscription, there are no more things todo.

Take care and Happy New Year 2022

Hi Richard.
Main reason is money…i have to cut down some places…
I actually liked Navigraph.
It was a bit disappointing that you are not able to zoom into an airport and see the gates and taxiways…
(sorry for my english…)

Happy new year / Steen

No prob about your english - I´m also not a native speaker :wink:

Understood about your reason, thanks for the honest answer … about the zoom in on the airport-diagrams: That has a technical reason because not all charts are geo-referenced, means you need at least one exact point (latitude/longitude) on the chart as a reference point. Not all charts have this and therefore we can´t offer this functionality on all charts. Sorry, that´s not a question of willing … it´s due the technical limitation.


Hi Steen,

You might like to check back in from time to time. The new Charts version currently in development will have increased zoom capability and a new user interface.

Happy New Year

Ian, i will be back…skål…/steen.

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