Ability to 'scribble' on OFP (iPad Charts App)

Hi there,

Would it be possible to add a feature that we can handwrite (using a pencil compatible with ipads) on the OFP page in the Charts APP?

I see there is a highlight function but a nice pen options


This is already possible, using e.g. Apple Pencil.

Press the orange Pen icon in the toolbar on top of the OFP.



Thanks for your reply Stephen.

I find the usage a little inaccurate. I. E would it be possible to further refine this? Not a huge issue though and appreciate your support


It would be helpful if you could illustrate the inaccuracy in some way so we can better understand. Could you make some screenshots and upload here?


I agree, it’s hard to write using the pen option. It smoothes out the things you draw, which is great when you’re drawing, but for writing it’s almost impossible to properly write something. Is there a way to disable the auto smoothing feature ?

Agree with the above

Would it be possible to move this topic to another forum since its not a feature request but rather an “issue”? Thanks!

I would argue it’s a feature request still?

I see what you mean, maybe it’s a bit of a grey area :slight_smile: It’s already implemented but in a way that it’s hardly useable. As a workaround I now export the ofp pdf and scribble in an external pdf viewer which works fine, but it would be better to do it within the charts app ofcourse.

A screenshot might illustrate the issue better?



It’s a bit hard to take a screenshot, you’d just think i’d have horrible handwriting while in fact it’s the software that’s acting up. I’d have to record myself writing something using the Apple pencil to make this point across I guess, I’ll see if I have some time to do this tomorrow.