A220-300 TOC Time and Fuel Burn

I recently filed some flightplans with the A220-300. In both flightplans I filed, It gave me a TOC at FL350 and FL370 just 1 or 2 minutes after departure, having only burned about 300lbs/130kg of fuel. The aircraft cannot do this in real life nor in any simulator, and puts me behind on my fuel burn for the remainder of the flight, landing with far less than anticipated. I’ve never had this problem with any other aircraft, doing the exact same thing in terms of flight planning and execution.


The A220 is a less-accurate legacy profile. Legacy profiles also use a different set of performance calculations that are more sensitive to incorrect custom airframe settings.

In this case, you have a typo in your airframe. You have set the MTOW to 1,300,000 lbs instead of 130,000 lbs. Once you correct this the calculations should be fixed.

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Oh gosh, thank you so much.

Not my proudest moment haha. I’ll give it a re-try.

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