A Fix For SimLink For Mac Users!

I finally got the app to work. Everything is working like it was before for me.

So, first, follow Ian’s instructions on downloading and installing the app.

Open SimLink and make sure you see the icon for the app in your Dock.
The place to right click on it to get the window you see below is, not that icon, but there is also one on the top Menu bar. That will open the window you see here. I have the menu bar hidden by choice, so I failed to see the top screen icon and kept trying the one in the Dock.

Go to the Plugin Status tab. When I did, it was blank, so I used the Update plugin status button which then filled out the info of where my Sim is located.
I reloaded my sim and everything works now, including on my iPad once again.

You should also check the Settings tab to make sure that “Start SimLink on System Startup” is checked and you might as well turn on the auto update feature & the Enable Log as well.

You should be good to go from there!