Wishlist item for Navigraph App, in-app weather data

Hi, would it be possible to incorporate access to real-time weather forecast, like METAR/TAF etc., instead of going to an external source? I do use STKP for my flying, and can access Active Sky, Navigraph, Skyvector etc. through STKPs built-in functionality, however, it would be great if Navigraph does have access to real-time weather, like Active Sky for instance. The result is to now run STKP on the side, to be able to access weather related data, it would be so much easier and less hassles if Navigraph could incorporate an in-app weather function. STKP is brilliant, but this mean running STKP on a separate screen next to the sim in order to access weather data, whereas it would make life so much easier having this in Navigraph and the iPad (for instance) is clamped to the yoke or sim desk. An in-app weather functionality would mean going to external weather engine etc. less during a flight.



Yes weather is on our roadmap for an upcoming Charts version.

Please see Weather in charts app?