Wind Information in LIDO layout

in the xml file, I do not find a match between the Wind information (LIDO layout) section of the <plan_html> branch and the wind given in the branch.

Is there an explanation ?
see example below


      <name>TOP OF DESCENT</name>

and the LIDO OFP

420 264/030 -57
400 266/033 -56
380 269/034 -54
360 270/033 -50
340 272/032 -45


The wind levels in the XML are for representative altitudes from 0 to 45000 feet, whereas the winds in the LIDO OFP are shown for a more narrow range of altitudes (4000 feet above to 4000 feet below the planned cruise altitude).

You can interpolate between the XML winds to obtain the winds at an intermediate altitude, as needed.

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Great. thank you for your answer

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