Pure XML dispatch export

Hey there.
At the moment XML datafile has parsed HTML content, dependent from chosen OFP format.
This makes it difficult to be used from addons. In particular, X-Plane Zibo Mod 737 uses it to get weather informations (DES winds / DEST QNH).
Would it be possible to export pure XML fields, independent from OFP?


The XML data file already exports all of the raw data independent of the OFP layout. The <text><plan_html> node contains the HTML code for the selected OFP layout, but you shouldn’t be reading individual data from this. All of the specific details about the flight plan are also available through separate nodes.

For example, descent winds can be read from the last waypoint of <navlog> node. And destination QNH from the <destination><metar> node.

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thanks for replying.
Actually wind data in navlog are all vertical spots, unless I’m missing something, while DES reported on dispatch should be the winds forecasted along the descent path at the altitude we are supposed to reach each fix.
It would be nice to have a descent_path_winds xml field, to avoid the need to redo all the calculations you already did, i.e. get from each fix the forecasted winds at the altitude we are supposed to reach it.
I always find simbrief reported winds very accurate compared to GFS weather so I assume they are calculated the way I described.
That would be helpful.